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When legendary golfer Arnold Palmer, revered as the ‘King of golf,’ received the PGA Tour’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998, he wore an 18-CT gold Rolex Oyster Day-Date watch. The watch is a testament to his four decades in golf and reflects his inherent elegance and timeless style.
At the 2013 Basel World Watch & Jewelry Fair, Rolex has launched a new 18 CT gold, white gold or Eternal Rose Gold Oyster watch with a colorful and luxurious leather strap and corresponding surface. Invented in 1956, the Day-Date watch is a symbol of excellence and dignity. It has always been cast only in gold or platinum, the two precious metals. It is the first time in the world that the Day-Date can be written on the surface at the same time. The new Day-Date watch exudes grace in casual fashion.
With a diameter of 36 mm and water resistant to 100 m (330 ft), the Oyster case of the Day-Date is an example of rugged elegance and perfect proportion. The distinctive middle case is cast from the original block 18 CT gold. The triangular pit bottom cover is tightened by the Rolex watchmaker with the brand’s own special tools, so that the case is completely sealed. The upper crown uses a patented double lock double waterproof system that fastens to the case. The triangular pitted outer ring is a classic aesthetic feature of Rolex. The mirror is made of scratch resistant blue crystal, with a small convex lens at 3 points, which is more convenient to read the date. The fully sealed Oyster case provides optimal protection for the highly accurate movement of the Day-Date watch.
The Rolex Day-Date watch is made entirely by Rolex’s 3155 automatic chain mechanical movement. Like all Rolex constant motion movements, the model 3155 movement has received the Swiss Official Timepiece certification, which is awarded to a precision watch successfully tested by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). The exquisite design of this movement and the high quality of the production process make it has unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The heart of the watch, the balance swing component, is made from Rolex’s patented blue PARACHROM wool and an alloy cast exclusively by Rolex. This gossamer is not interfered by magnetic field, it can still perform stably under temperature change, and its seismic strength is up to 10 times that of traditional gossamer.
The Day-Date strap combines comfortable, expensive alligator leather with the new 18 CT gold crown buckle for ease of use. This discount can easily adjust the length of the watch strap.

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