Justice Leagu Cospaly Costumes Reviews

  1. Superman Clark Kent Cosplay Costume

Clark Kent is Superman when we were little kids and watched on TV. Superman is the embodiment of justice. Superman in the movie always cleverly deals with the enemy and is willing to help others.

I really liked the texture of the costume, its bright and colorful. It looks really good as well. My only complaint is it’s too comfortable. Despite it being the adult standard I always order it was much tighter overall. But it still looks great.

Honestly, overall very pleased with this costume. I put on costume that improved the looks a lot. This also allowed a better fit. I safety pinned the top and the cape covered the one that was loose for most of the day. Held up well and I figure I can get a few uses out of it.

This costume is awesome. I’m on the short/stocky side and had no issues wearing it. My shoulder size made up for the lack of height. The costume is very well made, and I received compliments each time I wore it. Be aware it does run warm, which suited me just fine in the cool climate. This one is a keeper for future years.

  • Mera Cosplay Costume Deluxe Outfit

The princess Mera,an Atlantis, the wife of Neptune Arthur Curry, has the ability to control water. The princess is gentle and kind, beautiful and beautiful, especially in the movie to attract the audience.

And this package includes: Headwear, Jumpsuits, Vest, Gloves, Wristers, Leg covers. It’s too perfect.

This suit has its pros.The fabric is very thick, which is so nice. It wont show off every but of cellulite or curve Haha the zipper didn’t break apart or feel difficult to zip up in the back.This can make a great Halloween costume or a good base if you’re looking to make this costume more realistic with added pieces.

Great quality suit for the price!  Most suits are too short for me, but this one was awesome!!! The ankle part was too large on me, so I’m getting gold boots so it doesn’t show. Overall, GREAT!!I had doubts this was gonna be awesome, but this is one of the best costumes I’ve ever gotten off  this shop! getting so much attention for it! I fits great!

The product overall had really great quality. I drastically altered mine as I just needed this for the base. But even straight out of the box it was a good suit. It was suitable around my legs but thats due to me having very toned thighs from constantly qalking and climving stairs. Overall the suit is really good quality.

OMG WOW! I can’t wait to use this for a cosplay photoshoot and for a comic convention! I am SO pleased with this purchase! For the price, I was worried it might be pretty average quality but it is amazing! The fabric is nice and thick high quality stretch and the print is so vibrant and colourful. The size is perfect for me. I am already planning my next purchase from this seller! Received my order  few weeks after I ordered but it only took few days for them to ship and so that’s not bad!

  • Batman Bruce Wayne Cosplay Costume

The real name is Bruce Wayne, who was shot and killed his parents by robbers when he was a child. After years of training, he became a dark knight and fought against sin. Later he succeeded his family and became the chairman of Wayne Group. After the Battle of Destruction Day, Batman was impressed by Superman’s selfless sacrifice of his spirit. To stop the invasion from the Apocalypse enemy, he recruited a team to fight this unknown force.

Exactly what we expected! the size is just like the seller recommended, it’s a little bit longer for normal people but it’s beautiful! extremely good for the price! thank you!!

The excelent seller. The product is very good. Still the suit is very well made and very good. The order takes little time. Only few weeks. The suit i’m going to wear for Halloween event or other dressing-up parties and i think it meets the requirements for this kind of events being a high quality suit.

The suit came to me very quickly and i liked that very much. If looking for a batman costume I recommend this one. The suit is of good quality.

  • Aquaman Orin Arthur Curry Cosplay Costumes

When it comes to the movie Aquaman, people will think of Orin Arthur Curry involuntarily. In most people’s impressions, Aquaman is full of power and full of justice when he is holding the Trident. His Trident is very strong, durable, and pierceable.  very strong, durable, and pierceable. Indeed so.

Product was just as expected! Super excited to wear to dressing-up parties! Arrived earlier than expected as well! Fits perfectly. Maybe one size more would be comfortable but i’ll never know. Very happy with the result.

Well size and many materials like Elastic Leather, Woven leather, PU Leather, Composite Leather, Thick Leather. And package includes: Jumpsuit, Vest, Belt, Leg guards, Wristbands, Gloves. The whole set of clothes feels very good, just like the feeling in the movie, I will buy it next time.

  • The Flash Cosplay Costume Barry Allen

The real name of Barry Allen, a technical crazy, was acquired by lightening and acquired a super power called “Fast Power”. The speed can reach the infinite number of times of the speed of light, and thus can travel through time and space. It can also penetrate the barriers of objects and even parallel universes, almost ignoring all laws of physics.

The real name of Barry Allen, a technical crazy, was acquired by lightning and acquired a super power called “Fast Power”. The speed can reach the infinite number of times of the speed of light, and thus can travel through time and space. It can also penetrate the barriers of objects and even parallel universes, almost ignoring all laws of physics.

Quick satisfied result effective communicative and diligent. And the gloves and boots are very nice and I recommend them to you. Cool costume, even the mask and boots came up! The QualityCosplay specified the size, even the girth of the calves of the legs, the costume quality turned out.

Very well made, very good quality and fit perfectly, the mask that is  the same as the original , and still be very comfortable and beyond customer support is 5 stars and was very quick to arrive.