Game of Thrones cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Mother Of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen Cosplay Costume

   The young Daenerys is a timid and unconfident little girl who is very afraid and dependent on her brother, but she is beautiful and confident when she grows up. She was deeply influenced by her brother’s determination to retake the Iron Throne and made it her life’s goal. 

I really like Daenerys and bought the Daenerys cosplay costume. It’s perfect! It was so perfect! Got so many compliments! Everyone kept talking about how much of great quality the costume was! This is one of the cheaper cosplays I’ve come across but it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The coat is actually pretty soft and comfortable and it fits nicely. It looks almost as good as the real thing in my opinion. It also came with the dragon pin so that was a nice surprise. Definitely worth the buy.

The quality of this costume is stellar. I was really nervous about it at first just because I knew it was coming from a long ways away and it would be hard to return but it seriously looks great. The jacket is heavily lined for added structure and the skirt clips on to the jacket to ensure it stays in the right place throughout the evening. The color is a little more grey than I had anticipated, but it still works. This is one of the most well made costumes I’ve bought its definitely worth it if you’re looking for something close to a Daenerys cosplay. I am looking forward to purchase other cosplay costume next in this store.