Frozen cosplay costumes Reviews

  1. Frozen 2 Elsa Snow Queen Cosplay Costume

Queen Elsa is a person who looks noble and elegant, cold and frosty, but in fact hides secrets in her heart. When the audience saw a song Let it go sung by the Snow Queen to break through the ban. People are not only impressed by her singing, but by her character, not only sympathetic but also to protect their sister from harm and suppress the use of magic. She is a veritable snow queen, overcoming her inner fears and being a true self.

Although it wasn’t Disney´╝îit was beautiful and very great quality!!! Everything was perfectly packaged and in great condition. Most importantly, and great quality for the price. This dress looks similar to the one the model is wearing, the dress is made well, I am impressed by that. The seams are sure and the fabric is beautiful and does look like stock halloween costume fabric. It is very similar to the photos of the dress hanging on the hanger. I would recommend this to a friend.  I anticipate this dress lasting well beyond Halloween because it is well made.

This is a beautiful dress up costume and the fit is great. The material on upper portion and sleeves is tight fitting but very stretchy and comfortable so it fits like a glove and gives the dress an almost tailored look to it. The lacy material that covers the skirt is cute but extremely delicate. The accessories are fun, especially the Elsa’s shoes are so beautiful. All in all, this is a great price for such a high quality dress.

2. Ice Princess Anna Princess Cosplay Costume

Anna is the little princess of the Kingdom of Arundale. She is brave and fearless, gentle and kind, cheerful and outgoing, persistent and confident. In order to save her sister Elsa, she did not care about the difficulties and obstacles, and finally got her wish to see her sister. As an audience, we are also deeply touched by the emotions of their sisters, especially the actions of Anna that prove enough to be brave and fearless.

As shown in the picture, the material is nice and I love that it has real sleeves. The quality of this piece of clothing is really good, and the details are handled very well. My favorite is its cloak, which looks like Anna is the film, and stands up in the face of her sister’s danger. And the package include: shirts, vests, skirts and cloaks. Most importantly, the price is affordable, the details of the costumes are great, fully demonstrating the character styling shown in the film.